the team

Erica Gherle

Born and raised in the Portland area Erica graduated with a degree in communications from Portland State University. Much of her younger adult life was spent travelling the world and she has learned just as much through those experiences as her education.

Erica has a strong background in the hospitality industry with an emphasis on business and people management. Her knowledge and experience in the field extends the professionalism and ease that are imperative when choosing your venue.

Three fun facts about Ms. Erica:
I dominate claw machines and can easily rack up a dozen wins.
I like copious amounts of mustard on my hotdogs.
#1 on my bucket list is to learn to ride a dirt bike.

Teri Caprio

Born in Idaho and raised in Portland Teri spent a lifetime building businesses. From the printing industry, to real estate and even to Lego castles with her grandchildren she's been incredibly successful at building most anything.

Her entrepreneurial and creative talents are the driving force behind the transformation of The Old Schoolhouse. Her sense of style is evident in the interior design, china collection, and the beautiful grounds. Although not directly involved in day-to-day activities, she likes to drop by to see if there's a way to make it all better for customer events.

Three fun facts about Ms. Teri:
Her first driving lesson was in a truck, hauling cattle.
She knows how to fly an airplane.
She prefers to go barefoot.