the grounds

The Grounds

Our property is just under four acres and we have plenty of room to roam. We have two distinctive areas to gravitate to while exploring, our filbert orchard and our landscaped garden.

The Orchard

Bride and Groom in Orchard

Along with being within arms reach of world famous wine, we are amongst the nations capital of hazelnut orchards and just so happen to double as filbert farmers. We boast a true working farm here in harvesting and processing hazelnuts and when in season, incorporate them into our events as they allow.

Not only does our orchard provide delicious nuts, it also works well for unique ceremonies, receptions, rehearsal dinners, wine makers dinner anything the mind can imagine. Plus, it's a perfect place for frolicking.

Landscaped Garden

Our landscaped garden has a tremendous amount of room and can host a reception for well over 300 people. We have created an area that's nature is to gather people, with patios, benches, beautiful floral, greenery and dimensional trees. We have used the original brick from the Schoolhouse's chimney to create an entrance into the oasis itself. The choice of lush and colorful flora and fauna make for a beautiful place to just be still and enjoy.

Landscaped Garden